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2019 Instructors


 Frostbite wouldn't be what it is without some amazing instructors and this up coming year we have just that!
Frostbite welcomes these phenomenal instructors for the 2019 year!:

Aaron Hall
April Jennifer Choi
Benjamin Berry
Casey Eca Setzer
Chadewick Harris
Danielle Lee
Jon Brown
K. G. Berg
Leela Miller
Lewis Kelly
Maria Hackbarth
Matt Darthmathers
Missy Cooke Lansing Hoops
Peter Ginis
R.j. Zima
Sarah Ann McCrory
Schlebbzz Daft
Sophie Spakowicz
Sunny Daze

Who's super excited for this!?

2019 Workshops



Want to know what will be happening at Frostbite 2019?
Here’s a start!

Aaron Hall
Nevil’s Contact Poi
Point Isolations w/ poi

April Jennifer Choi
Marketing Strategies and Secrets for Flow Artists
Partner Dancing - Blues & Tango
Playing Card Manipulation

Benjamin Berry
TriCurious: Intro to Triple Hoops
ARMagedon, Arm Roll Techniques

Casey “Eca” Setzer
All Levels Contact Juggling
How to Teach Flow Arts
Intro to Sleight of Hand (Coins)

Chadewick Harris
Beyond the Chi (Dragon Staff)
Traps with Dragon Staff

Danielle Lee
Shoulder Hooping
Making A Home for the Flow Arts

Jon Brown
Slide, Fold, Turn with Double Staffs
Let it Roll - Dragon Staff

Kyle George Berg (KGB),
Buugeng Basics
Fire Safety

Leela Miller
Contortion & Hand Balancing
Intermediate Acrobatics

Lewis Kelly
So You Want to be a Juggler
Put Your Poi in the Air Like You Just Don’t Care
Fire Safety Discussion

Maria Hackbarth

Matt “Houdoken” Darthmathers
Levers for Liquid
Mime Science - Fixed Points and Beyond

Missy Cooke
Core Hooping (Beginner and Intermediate)
How to Be a School Assembly Performer

Peter Ginis
Staff Spinning 101
First Contact (staff)

R.J Zima
Beginner Poi
Creating Art Within the 9 Square Grid
Intro to 3D

Sunny Daze
Grid Theory for Single/Double Hoops
Morning Yoga

Sarah McCrory
Body Tracing with Fans
Leviwand Tosses

Shelby Daft
Y’all Need Magic - Intro Leviwand
Contact Leviwand (All Levels)

Sophie Shapeless
Twin Hooping
Performing with Intention

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