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2019 Instructors

2019 Instructors

2019 Instructors


 Frostbite wouldn't be what it is without some amazing instructors and this up coming year we have just that!
Frostbite welcomes these phenomenal instructors for the 2020 year!:


For those who've been waiting, here is our Frostbite 2020 instructor list:
Aaron Hall
Admiral J. Brown
Ananda Walker
April Jennifer Choi
Benjamin Berry
Cameron Robert
Chadewick Harris
Daniel Farmer
Danielle Lee
Davita Markiewicz
Dylan Corvus Oliver
Casey Eca Setzer
Jon Brown
Krysten Hagedorn
Logan Bonner
Maria Hackbarth
Ryan Dean Ducham
Sarah Ann McCrory
Sarah E Sparkles
Tara Nasaurus
Zachary Lambert

Who's super excited for this!?

2019 Workshops

2019 Instructors

2019 Instructors



Want to know what will be happening at Frostbite 2020?

Ananda Walker

Thai Massage (Shoulders)

Thai Massage (Legs)

Intro to Rope Dart

Contact Staff- Steves 


Dylan Oliver 

Sideshow 101

Intro to Cyr Wheel

Sideshow Intermediate

Intro to Whips

April Choi

Business Flow 101, 102, 103 & 104

Partner Dancing- Blues & Tango

Cameron (Reciprocator)

Double Hoop Tech- Iso variations

3D Hoop Tech - Foldy Shapes!

So You Wanna Be A Buugengster?!

Tara Nasaurus

Head Shoulders Face and Nose

Intro to 2 Poi, 1 Hand

Poi Pendulums

Danielle Lee

Do More With Your Four (Hoops)

Jump Through Breakthroughs (Hoop)

Intro to Hoop

Casey (Eca)

How to Teach

Contact 101

Zach Lambert

On Body Coin Flips

Off Body Coin Flips

Hoop Tech: Wedgie Madness

Daniel Farmer

Brazilian Dance Fighting an Intro to Capoeria

Cartwheels and Their Capoeria Variations

Benjamin Berry

Creative Hoop Dance

BrainDance For All!

Happy Feet: Foot Hooping Drills

Spinning Plates

Chadewick Harris

Roll with it

Beyond the Chi

Dragon Traps

Aaron Hall

First Contact with Poi

Poi Pentagrams


Jon Brown

Intro to Double Staff

3-D Quarter Time

9 Square Grid Tech

Logan Bonner

How To Look Cool With a Yo-Yo

Advanced Yo-Yo Tech

Ryan (Dushwam) 

Foundational Terminology

Fire Safety

Intro to Clubs

Partner Skillshare with Krysten

Krysten Hagedorn

Painting With Light

Partner Skillshare with Ryan

Sarah Sparkles

Morning Yoga- Aquarius Yoga

Morning Yoga- Chill yoga

Double Hoop on Body

Davita Markiewicz 

Aerial Sling Beginner

Aerial Sling Intermediate

Partner Lyra

Maria Hackbarth

intro to Ballet

Intro to lyra

Silks Choreo


Admirals Way of Contact

Admirals 3C's (Contact Cheat Codes)

Dirty Contact

Row, Pray, Fishtails

Acrostaff with Admiral

Sarah McCrory 

Leviwand Fundamentals

Body Tracing with Fans

The First Step is Letting Go

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